The building was built in the 1870’s and was used for many years as a rehabilitation centre for female prisoners from the nearby prison. The Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow has been the subject of many past ghostly sightings and activity, from the ghost that passes you on the stairway, to the children heard on the top floor. The Cathedral Hotel is situated close to the city centre and overlooks Glasgow Cathedral and the Glasgow Necropolis.

There definitely seemed to be a lot of explainable happenings at the Cathedral House Hotel. We got EMF and Trifield readings, lots of light anomalies on camcorders and still images, lots of apparent voices and even a chair being moved. We feel that although things seemed to quieten down towards the end of our investigation, the building would warrant further investigation.

Cathedral House Hotel is a great location that has had many reported ghost sightings and experiences.

See Full Paranormal Report:

Cathedral House Hotel Paranormal Investigation Report

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